Thursday, January 15, 2015

FA/TD: Transformers Armada/G1 Human versions (2014)

My take of Transformers Armada Jetfire, the shuttle who combines with Optimus Prime. I'll post the link for the model later. 

Not actually sure is this more G1 Ratchet or Bayformers... Maybe a combination or something.

Cem: Candle flames (2014)

Just something weird I made out of K129, glazed by my fiancée. It goes over a small candle, as depicted here.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cem: Double Happiness (2014)

Red patina on Craft Crank. The yellow glaze didn't last, so this is yellow and gold acrylics. Dunno if this would stay on the wall, it's rather heavy.

Cem: Phoenixe Imperiale (2014)

Finally with patina, mostly red, intensified with orange, yellow and gold acrylics.

Cem: Dawn & Moon Thrones (2014)

 About Barbie sized throne, made for Eos, Greek Goddess of Dawn. Quite a throne of flames, it's made out of Craft Crank.
Throne for Moon Goddess from the Greek pantheon, Selene. K129 with Cobolt oxide patina. Also Barbie sized.

Cem: Mini Owl (2014)

Miniature made out of craft crank.

Cem: Tiny Friend (2014)

My little friend <3

Cem: Plaster Rose (2014)

Plaster rose. Carved out of a plaster chunk and painted with acrylic paints.

J: Silvery Spiraling (2015)

Silver diamond cut aluminum, doesn't get into rights when this tightly wound.

J: Multicolor bracelet (2015)

Probs first one of the batch. Random colored beads, probs plastic, at least I think so. For Sale.